news icon Confessions of a WOW player's girlfriend   Published on: 10-January 2013

"Confessions of a WOW player's girlfriend"

The scourge of addiction; it consumes everything in its path – families, relationships, plans, you name it. Humans have always found something to become addicted to, starting from Antiquity, but the phenomenon has become alarming in the last decades. Drugs may be regarded by most of you as the most destructive addiction, but I can prove you wrong. To emphasize this, let me tell you a story…

This has been going on for... how long? I don`t seem to remember very well. Anyway, long, long ago. Years ago. A crucial moment happened in my life: the moment my boyfriend discovered the awful, cruel and destructive game (at least, so was back then) -World of Warcraft! All of you WOW players may judge me right now but trust me, the negative turn that our relationship took at that moment was devastating for me. We were living together for almost year and everything was perfect until one day when I found my boyfriend, let’s call him “Q”, in front of our old computer, with an extremely radiant look on his face.

-“Look, boo, Chris bought me the game he told me so much about! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to play it with the guys!”
-“Good job, Q! “,I said a bit ironic , without knowing exactly what is this all about.

That “play with the guys “actually meant , in a short time, “spend every single night and day in front of the computer solving a very important quest and trying to score some epic loot” ! Actually, he spent more time with his “guild” (did not really know what that means back then) than with me, whom I was his girlfriend. But that was not the only problem. He started to neglect a normal human being’s needs: he started eating less and less until he refused to eat at all, he didn’t leave the house ever, personal hygiene took second-stage and he basically ignored any conversation that did not have as main subject his favorite game.

Q lost weight, since starvation was not a priority any more, and his social life met a serious degradation.
What was I supposed to do in such a situation? I did not want to involve our families in this, since we promised to ourselves that we will manage any problem in our relationship on our own. I started searching on the internet about this malefic game and I was sort of shocked to discover that my boyfriend was not the only victim. Apparently, over ten million subscribers worldwide enjoy World of Warcraft , but what scared me most were the frightening titles like “Another Marriage Falls Victim to World of Warcraft!” .

Was this a joke? I had to end this, and quick!
What happened next was kind of unexpected. One day I asked his mom to call him over and, while he was away, I threw the game’s CD and asked a friend to uninstall the game in the computer” . Then I left him the following note :” Decide what you miss most!” , and then I went to my parents. Day by day I waited for that call but, since it never came, I really started to lose my hope.

Anyway, I was resigned knowing that at least I tried. But apparently miracles do exist , because after a couple of days a received a text message: “please come back home!” . In less than 30 minutes I was back to our apartment opening the door when I saw him, pale and skinny (God, I never realized he lost that much weight) .
-“ Baby, what happened?” , I asked.
-“I don’t really know, I was at my mom’s and suddenly I fainted. I woke up a day after and I was at the hospital with infusions in my arms. My mom called you dozens of times on our home phone but you did not answer. What happened? What was wrong with me? Was I that crazy?” , he said in a rush that he nearly choked.
Meanwhile, I was crying. My baby was back!
-“It doesn’t matter!” , I said, while hugging him. “Everything is ok now!”

This story is inspired from real facts.


news icon website updates   Published on: 21-December 2012

It's 21 of december and we are alive!!!!! Hooray.. now we can still play world of warcraft.

Website fixes: now Internet-Explorer User-friendly. Due to the fact that 90% of people who visit this website are using Internet Explorer 7 (reports from Google Analytics), we updated all the html, css code for a better compatibility. Now renders correctly in all major browsers: Google Chrome, Safari for Mac & Windows, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 5,5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Facebook: We launched our facebook page. Give us a like!

Feedback: Please report all problems related to patches, website rendering, website speed, download speed using CHAT in the top-orange menu.

We are highly interested in your LOCATION, and DOWNLOAD speed. If you are from US and you have a slow or high download speed please tell us. We want to make another mirror website into US ---- Tell us HERE ->

news icon Discount untill 1st of January   Published on: 14-December 2012

Blizzard has launched new game discounts for World of Warcraft expansions.
You will be able to buy:

  • Battle Chest for 60% discount meaning - 5€ or 4,5£.
  • Expansion Cataclysm 65% discount meaning - 10€ or 5£
  • Expansion Mists of Pandaria 40% discount meaning - 20€ or 17£
  • Pets for ingame playing, 50% discount except the charity pet, Cinder Kitten (which if you buy, all income will be donated to charity). Prices: 5€ or 4,5£.
So hurry up because this offer expires at 1st of January.
To benefit from this offer visit

news icon Confession   Published on: 12-December 2012

From what I noticed many players tend to play World of Warcraft just for end-game content. Stop farming and doing quests just for the purpose of leveling. Sometime, a month, half a year, you will reach the maximum level, 90.

Enjoy the world, enjoy the environment, read the "Quest Log" not just mapping the tasks and following the yellow "?".

Do your class quests, there are some amazing quest-chains with great rewards.

Do Battegrounds, make exalted to each faction and get the reputation rewards.

Do professions, in this way you will be prepared at higher levels and also you wll make lots of gold by selling them to the Auction House.

Make friends and level-up together. Playing with a buddy can low your experience gain but will make your quests funnier and easy.

Do season quests, especially Christmas Quests.

Enjoy the World, visit territories with low population.

I had a friend who told me that he reached lvl 1-70 just by doing the Battlegrounds and Looking For Group raid. This is lame.

My 2 cents,


news icon World of Warcraft mounts discount 50%   Published on: 12-December 2012

World of Warcraft Mounts - discount 50%. I think Blizzard tries everything it can to raise its subscribers number. Remember when WoW was just about the game? Now it's just a whole market, from PC Mouse, T-Shirt, pets, mounts and so on.

And they still don't give you a free realm transfer (which I think it's one of the most annoying thing ever).

Anyway if you wish to benefit from this offer visit the official website

news icon You may know it's about time to /gquit when..   Published on: 11 December 2012

Your beloved guild mates act childish;
Your beloved guild has no certain rules;
Most of the people on the guild are different from you, so you have to consume a lot of energy while interacting with them;
You dedied to play alone, never helping other guild mates and always decline party / raid;
You really don't team with your guild, all what you do is solo..-- and you're lonely (you and Leeroy Jenkins);
Most of the time you are unconfortable with your guild;
You hate / dislike your GM;
A player always is noob and spoils the whole game;
You are always rejected from raids;
You don't help other team mates;
The mage won't even cook for you;
The locks are lame and they don't soulstone the main healer;

news icon Update to 5.2 is comming   Published on: 10 December 2012

Blizzard announces a new update to the most popular MMORPG, World of Warcrat. The new update will be called Patch 5.2 and will fix serveral bugs like Life Cocoon, Renewing Mist, Soothing Mist. You will be able to download the new update via Blizzard Updater (Game Client) or on our website.

news icon Scheduled maintenance 11 december 2012 - 1 AM   Published on: 9 December 2012

Blizzard announced another sheduled maintenance on their realms at 11 of december 2012 - 1AM.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, December 11th. Maintenance will begin at 1:00 AM PST and is expected to last for 10 hours. During this time, all realms and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.


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